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Nostalgic Notes: Gossip Kills

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Gossip. Something we all do. But it varies from person to person. For example, my classmates would gossip about who’s dating who in school. Me and my friends would gossip about which shipping is better- NaLu or Jerza (I’m NaLu fan, so you know)

But even so, my friends would know about most of the couples and cheating rumors, etc. in the school. I, on the other hand, was completely unaware of all this.

Classmate- Did you know McJerk and Sally are going out?

Me- stares blankly 

Classmate-  Okay okay, they started dating after Raven cheated on McJerk.

Mom- Yeah that was so crazy!

Me- MAA!? Who the f-ing hell are all these people?!!

Yup, even my mom knew about all the gossip in my school. I mean, for god’s sake, she would look my friends up on Facebook and try to send a friend request to them, and of course I would jump to her side, close the window and keep her laptop with me till she comes to her senses.

But the woman still somehow figured all this stuff out by stalking the moms of my batch mates. It’s like her source of life depended on the Holy Elixir of Gossip from my school. Not that I really cared about this, but it still astonished me that I had no clue about all the drama happening in my school. The dating, the good kids gone wrong, bad kids going right, good girl falls for the bad guy who was already dating her friend or some other weird girl, the best friend hates her friend secretly, the other best friend also hates her secretly. Good gods! All this shit is taking place and I was too deep in the pool of books and animes to jump out and see what was happening.

So I decided, ‘ Meh, you know what, I’ll also try to get a sniff of this and see how I like it.’ I called up my friend, went to her place and I kid you not, I was eating a bag of popcorn while listening to all gossip. It was like Gossip Girl come alive ( I don’t like Gossip Girl but saw one episode, so I’m just assuming here) This decision was a bad one though.

Later on, I felt pretty good. I was walking down the hall strong and proud. YEAH B****, I know stuff! While walking the walk, I literally forgot to actually walk and bashed into a guy who was trying to get to his class. I apologized, he smiled and said, “It’s cool. Happens to the best of us” He introduced himself and I did the same. Now, I’m guessing he was popular, but for the love of Zeus, I could not remember who he was. He remembered me from one of his classes, but I just couldn’t recollect him. It hurt his ego a lot I guess, so he kept trying to make me remember. Let’s call him Tan.

Tan- I sit a few seats behind you during english?

Me- Ummmmm

*few seconds of awkward staring which actually felt like minutes later*

Tan- I’m the guy who’s never there for Psychology because of football?

Now, let’s go back on the story. Coincidentally, my friend who updated me on the gossip, mentioned him as the guy who always misses Psychology, in one of her stories and since I was so up and about because of my improved social skills, well

Me- *accidentally screaming*  Oh right! You’re the guy that cheated on Raven!

Everyone standing still in the hall, shoots eyes up at me and I’m just like, ‘Run down the stairs, go to the bathroom and lock yourself up till the bell for holiday rings.’

And just then, Raven shows up with glaring eyes and takes him to our junior block (We had three different blocks). Now, Raven was kind of a violent and obnoxious person, don’t know how Tan tolerated her, but he did. Till break, I was scared to death, because no had seen Tan in a long time. I knew it wasn’t technically my fault, I mean he cheated on her, not me. But still, I outed that guy in the worst way possible.

It was during break, I saw Tan. I went up to the guy, apologized for saying it out loud, you know what he said

“I owe you for that, THANK YOU SO MUCH.” I was just standing there, like say what now?

And so, he told me everything. How he spread that rumor on purpose to get rid of his girlfriend because she refused to let him go. Unfortunately for me, I got mixed up in a pretty bad situation, as Raven would just give me the “I’m gonna come and kill you in your dreams” look. I honestly couldn’t care less about that, but it reminded me exactly why I hated listening to gossip. That was the first and last time I ever got involved or bothered to care about some shitty gossip in school.

*slams the door on Gossip Deliveries 24/7*

Thanks guys, but I rather live in the oblivion and go back to enjoying the world of animes, mangas and books.

P.S. I wanted to keep the people anonymous, which is why I have given them names, none of the above ones are real.


2 thoughts on “Nostalgic Notes: Gossip Kills

  1. Yeah, gossips sucks. I tried, because I had to, y’know, fit in my new school. The already saw me as the ‘Girl who had surgically attached a book to her nose’ or in short, nerd (just because I like books, sci-fi, and anime). So one fine day at lunch, I sat down with a group of other kids, trying to learn the fine art of gossip.
    Long story short, it DIDN’T work (with caps). I went back to my books and lived happily ever after. The end.

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    1. I seriously do not understand those groups who just talk about other people. One time I was talking to these people who were friends with a close friend of mine. They were actually talking shit about this person who they would be so sweet to, I just left and went back to reading, sick of their shit xD

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