“Nerd” is the new sexy?

Recently, people have come up with how “Nerd” or “geek” is the new sexy. Now I am completely in agreement with that. But I hate it when people try to fake it.

I see on instagram, facebook or any social media platform for that matter, there are girls and guys who would be wearing spectacles, holding a book and take pictures, saying ‘OMG, I’m such a nerd, #geeking out’ Now some of these may actually be real pictures they took for fun, but most of them aren’t. I mean, for god’s sake, they would be holding a book upside down and not even care! Let’s be honest, most of us (yes, I’m a nerd) wouldn’t bother posting such pictures because we don’t need to show people we are nerds. We would just check out posts from accounts like bookstagram, pagehabit, goodreads and so on.

The fact that people are just now starting to feel better about nerds, hurts me even more. They make it seem like before this, being a nerd was something to be ashamed of, that calling yourself a nerd in public is bad. I have never had any sense of disappointment over being a nerd and neither should others.

Nerd was just a term created by people who didn’t like us being more smart than them. So, if anything, I’m proud to be an “intellectual badass”, AKA, nerd.


One thought on ““Nerd” is the new sexy?

  1. #proud to be an intellectual badass
    I pretty much own being a nerd. I’m damn well proud of it. If someone makes fun of the fact that I’m a nerd, I could easily make fun of their love for sports/gossip/things they dub ‘cool’.
    Being a nerd is NOTHING to be ashamed of. And yeah, I hate people faking it.
    It was nice knowing another nerd/bookworm too : D

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