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eBooks v/s Paperbacks

This has been an age old debate between bookworms, but I felt like talking about. To be honest, you can take all day and mention the cons and pros of them both, but in the end, it’s about one’s personal choice.

Personally, I like paperbacks. I like holding the book and enjoying the pretty covers they have on. I know I know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. What can I say, I love good, thought out covers. Another thing about paperbacks I hear, is that carrying them gets hectic, your bag gets heavy, etc. Yes, it can get heavy, but it reminds me of the times I carried several books to school without any hesitation, the nostalgia really hits me. I have been reading paperbacks for so long that if I try and shift to eBooks, it doesn’t feel right. As for the problems people keep bringing up, how paperback uses a lot of paper or how eBooks can rot your brain or hurt your vision, I don’t know what to say. All of it is true and you can’t really choose sides in this.

Living in a digital age, you learn to move on and not look back. But I believe it’s important to hold on to some of the good things of the past to remind you that it wasn’t all bad. Same goes for eBooks and paperbacks. eBooks may be ‘it thing’ for now, but paperbacks I feel, will always hold a special place in the hearts of all bookworms.



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