Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Hey guys, or me who is probably looking at this blog for the 100th time to make myself feel better about no one reading this, eheheheh.

Moving on, this is a short blog about a graphic novel I just finished reading. Most of you must have probably read this long time back because…..well, it’s 7 years old. The reason I’m reading it now is because my weird bff told me to. The novel is…..Blue Is The Warmest Colour by Julie Maroh

For those of you slower than me and haven’t read it, the novel is a romantic, coming-of-age story about discovering oneself and the struggles of coming out. I have never particularly liked any book that revolves around a romance, but this one counts as an exception. Reason for that, is the ending. In most romances, we see a happy ending, “They remained together happily ever after.” BORING


In this, you see that a relationship does not have to be black or white, that it is a mixture of two and has shades of grey, maybe fifty (LOL). It wasn’t a happy ending, but I feel that’s what I liked about it most, the fact it deviated from romantic cliches.

However, reading this novel reminded me that most of the LGBT novels concentrate on the problems they suffer through. It was published in 2010 so I understand. At that time, not a lot of people were accepting of this. But I hope to read a book in which they don’t concentrate on problems, but in fact get past that and just have fun. If you guys know any such LGBT books, let me know!

All in all, it was a nice read. Those of you who haven’t read it, I would seriously recommend this. 

So that’s it for now. I know, that was really brief and definitely not professional, but I’m new to this. So, be patient, give me some time to improve and I purple promise, I will get better. Till then, later dudes! Dream purple for me!!

P.S.- Yes, I love purple to death


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